Why Single Russian Moms Are the Best for Dating

Relationships with women are not all wine and roses. They can be spoiled and demanding, leaving men exhausted and disappointed after a painful breakup. Dating a Russian woman, on the other hand, is a completely different thing. A Slavic lady knows just what you seek in the relationship; she can make her boyfriend feel like a real man, a strong and confident leader who knows what he needs. This ability is probably the main attribute that makes Russian women for dating so popular. You can admire her beauty and the simplicity of her character but don’t think that she’s that simple.


But the case of a single Russian mom is different. If you’re lucky to meet one, you get the chance to bring even more positive changes into your life. In this case, the only obstacle that may appear on your way to happiness is the prejudice towards women who have already had a family that somehow fell apart. To help you get rid of such prejudices, we put together six decent reasons why a single mother from Russia is great for dating.

Tips for dating a single mom from Russia

First of all, we should mention that most Slavic moms look for a man that knows the meaning of the word “responsibility,” especially the one towards his significant other. Actually, it’s what all women are looking for, except, maybe, those who are ready to carry a heavy burden of raising a child alone. But when it comes to single moms dating, the seriousness of your intentions will be put to the test many times. Here’s what you need to know to show that you’re really interested in establishing the relationship with a Russian mom.

Talk about kids

When dating a single mom from Russia, be sure to ask a lot about her kid. Every Russian woman’s priority is ensuring that her children had everything they may need, so this topic is especially important for her. It basically means that no matter how much you like your Slavic companion, if you are not interested in her kid or kids, you can forget about any relationship with her.

Don’t mention her ex

As you may have guessed, your Russian companion has already been in the relationship before, and it didn’t end up well. That’s why it’s better not to discuss her ex. You will have time and opportunity to ask about him later, but if you want this “later” to happen, just keep your questions about her previous relationship to yourself.

Show that she’s welcome in your home country

Let’s assume that you’ve been chatting for quite a long time, and now you’re sure that you want a Russian bride like her. In this case, you should show her that you’re ready to deal with immigration issues. There’s even more: your potential life partner must be sure that she and her kid will be safe and welcome in your home country. It’s a pretty serious step, so you must be sure that she’s the one you’ve been looking for all your life. If you’re not sure, there are plenty of other Russian girls for dating out there.

These simple tips will come in handy when dating a single Russian mom online. But remember that the relationship with a woman who has children is pretty risky. So it’s better to think things through before it’s too late.

Why single Russian moms are great for dating

This question is rather hard to answer. Are there actually any unique traits that make Russian moms stand out among other women with children? At first sight, it’s not clear why Slavic ladies have advantages over their American and European counterparts. It’s all about cultural differences and how they make people better.

Russian traditions and peculiarities prepare a woman for almost any role. She can cope with duties of a housemaid being a scientist or CEO at the same time. Only after spending a few years with a Russian girl can you learn about all her abilities. These ladies are really diverse and able to endure the hardships of life. But when dating as a single mom, a woman from Russia acquires even more positive traits. Here are a few of them.

1) They are tough

You won’t find a tougher woman than a Russian mom anywhere. They have managed to stay strong when their families fell apart. They have put themselves together and done everything they could for their children. That’s a big deal, actually. If you want to see a strong woman worth being honored and respected, then a single Russian mom is what you’re looking for.

2) They are easy to impress

Despite their toughness and coldness, single Russian women with kids are actually sensitive and refined personalities. But the thing is that most of them haven’t been treated like a woman for a long time. So if you’re curious about how to date a single mom from Russia, there’s nothing sophisticated: a couple of compliments and gifts from time to time will do the trick.

3) They won’t play games with you

Sometimes, Russian moms can be a bit harsh, calling you out if you don’t meet their expectations, and it may be hard to understand them, but they never whine or over-complain. Their kids cope with this task for them perfectly. All they want from you at the end of the day is to have a nice chat with them. And Russian singles are not the type of women who play games.

4) They won’t rely on you too much

When talking about single moms and dating, we often mean a grown-up or adult woman, who knows how to take care of her own, so your Russian companion won’t rely on you too much, at least financially. As for the relationship, she will expect you to act like a gentleman. Carrying her bags, holding and opening doors in buildings and cars, making compliments, and always being ready for a little chat – these are only a few things you should be ready to do. On the other hand, every woman wants her partner to treat her like a gentleman.

5) They are ready to solve relationship issues

The best thing about single Russian moms is that they will never break up with you as soon as problems start to appear. They will do their best to prevent your relationship from falling apart, and they know the right words to do it.

6) They are great lovers

And the last but not least, Russian moms are experienced lovers who know a couple of tricks to make you happy in bed. However, such perk comes with certain disadvantages. They can be demanding and are easy to disappoint. But if you know how to please the woman, there won’t be any problems.

This small list of single Russian mothers’ advantages still misses one more point: they can bring so much warmth, love, and care into your relationship that you’ll become wandering why you didn’t start looking for a Russian girlfriend earlier. No European or American lady is capable of loving their men as much as a Russian one. The only thing is that you’ll have to work hard to win a Slavic woman’s heart.

In conclusion

When it comes to finding a Russian girlfriend, most Westerners look for those, who have never been married and don’t have kids, but if it’s not your case, there are plenty of single moms out there waiting for that special someone. At least you can be certain that your girlfriend can have kids and there won’t be any health issues or problems. But in contrast to young girls, who have no experience in long-term relationships, single moms can be hard to date. So you have a big decision to make, and maybe this article will help you with it. Anyway, having a Russian girl by your side is a real adventure full of bright emotions and joy.