What Single Russian Moms Prefer in Bed

Very often men think about this issue. The first sex may be especially difficult with beautiful Russian women. And it can be much more difficult to have sex with a woman who has a child. You want to conquer her heart and give unearthly pleasure but, as you may think, her all thoughts are about her child. But, actually, it is not so. And we will prove you this and help do everything right so that hot Russian women will remember a wonderful night and will not want to miss the opportunity to repeat it again. There are several rules of sex that absolutely every man should know. Remember them and then you will become the best lovers for sexy Russian moms.



Many couples often kiss at the beginning of a relationship but, over time, passion passes and a habit comes to its place. Kisses are not so long and hot. Many couples even forget about what it is. If you want to cause sexual desire in sexy Russian moms and interest them, then give long kisses. Do you remember that kisses when you were a young man? It seemed to you that there was nothing more beautiful and romantic. You may be surprised but even if a woman is grown and has a child, she still needs long, gentle kisses. Also, kisses should be soft and passionate at the same time.


During sex with Russian moms, men often forget that every woman needs more time for getting excited. Sometimes it takes a few minutes, but, usually, it needs more time. This is due to the characteristics of the fair sex, so it is silly and meaningless to blame someone. Learn to treat a woman as a jewel, so she feels loved. Cross your hands over her body, touch her hair and beautiful skin. Try to be as sensual as possible because thus you will be able to catch the rhythm and find her erogenous zones. Such touches are especially important before sex because you can help her get excited. Don’t forget to stroke her during sex as well. Thus, she will feel your care and love.

In addition to this rule, you have to treat even the most passionate and ardent woman as if she is inexperienced. Imagine that there is an innocent girl before you, who has not yet known a man. So it is very important for you not to frighten her with your pressure and show that sex can be a wonderful activity. Sometimes it is very difficult, especially if you see that a partner simply burns with impatience and craves more. But if you “torment” a lady with gentle caresses a little bit more, then there will be no doubt that a girl will scream because of the pleasure. But, anyway, petting should be diverse because no woman will get the peak of pleasure if you massage her long and tediously. Even if she tells you that everything is already “burning”, think about it — maybe she just get bored and she wants to shorten the contact time to a minimum. Your hand movements have to be slow and affectionate as well. If you yourself hardly restrain emotions, then try to think about something abstract during the prelude. This will slightly reduce the degree of excitement and will prolong the petting. So, having sex with Russian women, you should listen to her desires and give caresses.


You can arrange a romantic dinner with a bottle of wine on the embankment. Russian women and sex are just incompatible without such a romance. But many men forget about this. This is due to the fact that this kind of entertainment seems superfluous for the representatives of the stronger sex but women don’t think so. Romantic atmosphere leads to intimacy. So this can be profitable. Don’t you want to please the one you love? Sex should be turned into a holiday if you expect a woman to be active and excited. It is important to remember that romance acts on the fair sex as well as contemplation of the naked female body on men. Such a prelude should last no less than one hour. Experienced men can caress Russian women in bed for an hour or more, leading them to orgasm even not starting a sexual act.

Roughness in sex

Yes, sexy Russian women like rudeness, of course, when there is not much of it. This is a fact that has been repeatedly confirmed by sociologists and psychologists who conducted a survey among women. If a man wants to give his partner maximum pleasure, he should show a little rudeness. Thus, a woman feels the superiority of a partner and gives in. She needs to feel defenseless and weak because it is originally inherent her by nature. Sex without a small portion of rudeness may seem boring to a woman, so it can quickly cause indifference. Find something that she likes. You have to make your intimacy as intense and bright as possible. Also, many girls expect to hear obscene words from their men in bed.

Tenderness and communication after sex

There are many myths on this topic. But the fact remains that women need to receive attention from their partners after intimacy. After a Russian woman reaches the highest point of enjoyment, there comes the desire to spend a little time of communication with her loved one. Hug her, kiss her and tell how much you love. She has to feel that this intimate relationship is not just a desire to have fun but also a way to show your love. It is necessary to give your woman maximum attention after sex because, otherwise, she can feel unnecessary. In order for a woman to get maximum pleasure from the process, she needs a beautiful ending of it. And if a man can’t give it to her, the next intimate affinity may not happen. The manifestation of tenderness from a loved one gives her a sense of security.

Experiments in sex

We all used to hear that men love experiments in sex but almost nothing is said about women in this context. Scientists conducted a huge amount of research and proved the fact that women also don’t mind adding some "spice" to their intimate relationships. Experiments will please all Russian girls in bed. However, there is an exception — conservative representatives of the fair sex. They prefer classic sex without innovations and excesses. Always learn in advance the type of thinking of your partner, so as an awkward situation doesn’t happen.

But most women love diversity in sex if it gives them special pleasure. And yes, women also watch porn. And what? Men do it and women also need such a kind of diversity.

Lack of haste in sex

Russian women are emotional, so it is important for them to enjoy the proximity of their partner. Men, in turn, are constantly in a hurry so there are often misunderstandings in sex between partners. Just understand that in order for a woman to reach orgasm, it is necessary to work well. Don’t rush things and let her relax and trust you. Thus, you give her more and you can get a good return.

Don’t be silent

Well, this is the last rule. Having sex with Russian moms, say everything you feel because women love with their ears. Express your emotions with words or at least with moaning. Also, don’t silently fall asleep after the completion of the process. Hug a lady, kiss and say that you have never been so good. It may seem banal words but sometimes they can bring the greatest pleasure and greatly enhance self-esteem.

Experiment with your loved ones, learn the language of the body and don’t be afraid to talk about your fantasies. The main thing is that all this shouldn’t turn into a routine and the intimate sphere of life remains a secluded place for two.