What Russian Moms Hate in Men

Nobody is perfect. You can find as many advantages and drawbacks as you want. There are some features which can be considered both pros and cons, depending on your life views. Nevertheless, there are also those things in men’s behavior that can easily annoy almost every single woman with a child and especially single Russian moms. What features of men’s behavior can be considered to be awful?


Indecent behavior

You haven’t known each other long, but you have a stormy affair. And now the man starts to grab her different "lady parts", and does it in public places and even in the presence of common friends and her children. If you think about single moms dating, do not do that. She can be a modest girl, who considers such a frank manifestation of intimate feelings to be insulting.

Not serious intentions

All women, including single Russian mothers, are subconsciously looking for a man who will become not only her husband but also a father of her present and future children. This is an instinct and it is stupid and dangerous to blame them on it. Therefore, many ladies hate the men’s bleating, their unwillingness to take serious relationships, to create a family and raise children. If you feel that you are not yet mature enough for such responsibilities then you should better stop dating a single mom and wasting her time. Otherwise, she will blow your mind, trying to change you and teach you the right (from the point of her view) life values.

Fear of children

Men's fear of little children can cause only unpleasant surprise for a woman. Everything is in order for her. For a man, children are such small monsters with whom it is not entirely clear how to behave and how treat them properly. And he tries to distance himself from the educational process from the very beginning.

Sexual selfishness

In other words, it’s about the inability and unwillingness to satisfy your woman in bed and help her reach the peak of sexual pleasure. One of the reasons why women do not like morning sex on weekdays is the inability of a woman's body to get up quickly after a long sleep and relax enough. The female brain is occupied with countless worries in the morning: "I have to prepare breakfast, to get the children off to school, and I have nothing to put on today …" Even if she agrees for it in order not to offend her man, she feels from this "sprint race" unsatisfied and already broken at the beginning of the day. A man rarely thinks about the fact that for a woman to reach orgasm is as necessary as for a man to ejaculate. Many scandals and quarrels begin due to inferior sexual life, this leads to various diseases. If a man "waits" a woman and helps her reach the maximum emotional explosion in sex, then a woman is ready to forgive much after such a night. When you start dating Russian girls, do not forget about this important point.

Lectures about child-rearing

If you think about dating Russian women who have children, be ready that before you are not her husband, you should not teach her on how to bring up her children. And she will do well without your conclusions about the benefits of vaccinations and the danger of sleeping together (unless, of course, you are a professional pediatrician).

Whatever good intentions you may be guided by, all these pieces of advice will be violently opposed (because they will surely go against her own opinion). Maternity and everything related to the upbringing and ensuring the safety of the child is her and only her territory. In addition, she will probably immediately remember such conversations with her ex-husband and get upset. If you reflect on single mom dating, decide whether you are ready to become a part of her family and take the equal responsibility for her child as for your own one.

The desire to meet her child as soon as possible

If you have looked for Russian women for dating and start the relationship with one of them, do not rush her to introduce you to her child. It's about a situation where you do not want to meet face-to-face with the child, but it seems like it's necessary since meetings with his mother are systematic.

Until the children know about your existence (a mother rarely will report to a small child that she has met a man), they do not ask questions.