What do single moms seek in relationships with men?

Men and women are completely different. Guys are prone to romance, while ladies are much more pragmatic. For most women, reliability and well-being are important. Especially for single moms, as they have to think not only about themselves but also about their children.

Let's try to figure out what single women with kids want from men.

Fidelity and loyalty

The main component that every single woman with a child pays attention to in a relationship with a man is faithfulness, both spiritual and physical. When being married or just living with someone, girls don’t lie and cheat as often, as men do, even though loyalty and devotion are synonyms of man's dignity and honor. But men justify their infidelity, treating it as a natural instinct.

Every woman wants to know that she’s the only one, that she’s loved. Especially if a woman is a single mom dating someone, which means that she probably already had a painful experience in relationships.

Reliability, attention, and care

The next thing to know when dating a single mom is that these women want their men to show attention and care to them. Any woman wants to feel and see that the man who is next to her is her supporter and the protector of the family. And for a single mom, nothing is more important than stability; especially it concerns dating Russian women with kids. Single Russian moms want to feel as behind a stone wall, to be sure that their children have a devoted father. But they often can’t find one in Russia. Every woman is worth the warmth and care of a man.

Reliability is built through an emotional connection. A single woman with kids needs a man who will be next to her providing support when she needs it because raising a child on one’s own isn’t easy. Such women want to be respected.

Be sure to give your lady and her kid undivided attention. Men think that there is no point in discussing negative emotions because it’s much better to find a solution to the problem and forget about it. But for all women, emotions are an opportunity to establish close contact. Try to remember this next time your companion wants to share your feelings.


Single moms dating someone new want understanding from their partners, but often the relationships lack mutual understanding. It’s one of the reasons why a lot of women become single in the first place. Always try to understand a woman, and she will begin to understand you. After all, each person needs to find a soul mate.


Let's not deny that the main thing a single mom wants from a man is money. It's is natural because men are breadwinners by nature and raising a kid without a financial backup is tough. That’s the reason why a lot of Ukrainian or Russian girls for dating look for a rich partner; men in their home country simply can’t provide for the family.

Love, gratitude, honesty

As mentioned above, any single mom wants to be loved. It’s what they lacked in previous relationships. Prove your love every day, every hour.

Women always wait for compliments. They just don’t show it. Therefore, men should often tell their partners how great they are and give them the opportunity to feel beautiful and desirable. It’s so hard to remember it when you’re busy with looking after kids. And it doesn’t matter who their partner are: loving wives or some Russian women for dating. In fact, when dating Russian girls, you need to show even more love and attention, as these ladies are more sensitive than their Western counterparts.

A single mom can forgive just about everything, but she’ll never forgive a lie and deliberate deceit, she has already faced them before. Women consider lies as an act of disrespect.