How to Attract a Single Russian Mom

This is not an unusual thing to meet single Russian moms because the divorce statistics beats new records every year. And it is not surprising that a man can find a woman who already has a child from a previous marriage. So, what to do and how to build a relationship when a woman loves not only you but also her child? If you like a girl who has a child, you have to gain child’s trust as well. These small tips will help you attract a single Russian mom.


Make a decision

Before you start finding a date on yesdates dating Russian girls who have children, you must be absolutely sure that you want it. Ask yourself if you don’t mind that she has a child. Ask yourself whether you can continue this relationship and determine the motives for your desire to date this girl before you start this new experience. What do you want from this relationship? Remember that a relationship with someone who has children can be very confusing. So it is better to be ready for it, right? It is better not to have illusions about it before you move forward. When you decide that it is normal for you, then you can move on to the next advice.

Don’t worry

If you think that the main goal of all women who have children is to find a new husband and a new father at the same time, then you are wrong. Of course, there are such girls but not all of them think so, and they don’t think that a marriage is the most necessary thing in their lives. So, dating Russian women, you should try to get rid of the paranoid fear that you will be deprived of your freedom.

Respect her time

A woman with a child has an everyday schedule. Every minute is planned. And believe me, it is not easy to find time for a date. So, you have to respect her efforts and time. Ordinary women appreciate spontaneity and impetuosity in men, but women with children need punctuality and compulsion. You already know that you are dating a girl who has a child and this is not a problem for you. So, you can’t be selfish. You must take into account the feelings of others.

Don’t hurry

Don’t hurry to get acquainted with the children, but also don’t try to avoid meetings with them. First of all, you need to focus on a stable relationship with a woman you like. In addition, if you get acquainted with children and become some kind of friends, and then suddenly find out that you don’t like their mother, then the children's heart will be smashed in tatters. But at the same time, you shouldn’t openly avoid them because thus you will show your negative side. She may think that you are not interested in the well-being of children, and this can be the beginning of a big problem.

Don’t teach her how to be a mother

When you are dating a single mom, it's not your business with whom she leaves her child, what books she reads, and how often she meets with a father of a child. She doesn’t need your advice. Whatever good intentions you may have, all the words will be taken as an affront.

Don’t ask about a relationship with a child's father

It doesn’t matter what you say after listening to another a heartbreaking story, be sure that it will play against you one day. Of course, it's easier to say than to do. A girl will inevitably tell you about the details of their difficult relationships. Therefore, it is more reasonable to rehearse a neutral-benevolent facial expression, learn to nod in time and masterfully change a theme of conversation. The less an ex-husband “presents” on your dates, the easier and more enjoyable your relationship is.

Acquaintance with a child

If you look for one of the Russian women for dating and she has a child, then you will have to get acquainted with her daughter or son. You have to prepare for this day. You should get know a name of a child, his or her age, and what she or he likes to do. It is always pleasant for every mother to talk about her child. If you show interest, you will get respect and trust from her.

It is best to get acquainted with the child in some informal situation. Your task is to observe and listen. This is the most important thing during the first meeting with the child! Children always react to strangers and express their impression of them immediately and women listen to these words. A woman looks at you through the eyes of her child and assesses the chances whether you can be friends. So be open and friendly. If a child like you, then a mother will do the same.