First Date with a Single Mom: Do's and Don'ts

A single mom knows better than others that divorce doesn’t put an end to a woman’s life, and she’ll be glad to date someone. That's what you should remember when dating a lady who has kids. Now, let’s talk about things you should do and ones you should avoid when asking a single mom out on a date.


What to do on the first date with a single mom

For single moms, dating means a lot. So you should do your best to make the first date perfect.

Remember that she hasn’t much time

The first thing you need to know about dating a single mom is that these women have to deal with their responsibilities and kids on their own, not to mention their jobs, so they’re constantly in short of time. Keep this in mind when asking a woman with kids out on a date. When calling her up on Sunday afternoon to invite her to a dinner this evening, she’ll most likely have to say no. And it’s not about you; she just has a million other things to care about apart from a date. She’s not like single Russian moms, who are ready for anything just to find a man for her children. It’s better to find out her schedule first, or at least ask her out in advance, let’s say, a week before the day you picked for a date. This way she can free up some time for you.

Add some romance to the date

All women love romance. No matter whether you’re dating Russian girls you met online, or enjoying a honeymoon with your wife, both would appreciate a bit of romance. But single moms need it more than others. They don’t have much of it in their everyday lives, so be sure to provide some. So, apart from giving your lady a bouquet of flowers, try to come up with something unexpected. Let her know that you’re thinking of her by sending a romantic text message or email before the first date. And the date itself, of course, should also be full of romance.

Avoid asking stupid questions

In contrast to Russian women for dating, who are ready to listen to anything you say, single moms can easily get mad at you for saying something wrong about their personal life. So stay away from such questions, like “Did you want to have children?” or “How hard is it to raise a kid on your own?” These questions are a no-no. Ask ‘em out, and you can forget about the second date. The most harmless question you can ask about your lady’s kid is how old it is. There’s no need to rush things out; let the single mom dating you choose topics for a conversation herself.

Things you shouldn’t do on the first date with a single mom

Don’t lie to her

Even if you just want to have a fling, don’t pretend that you’re interested in her. Dating single moms is like dating Russian women: both can easily tell when their companion starts lying. Not matter what your intentions are, stay sincere, and you’ll likely get what you want. Besides, she may be looking for the same things as you do. Avoid lies, and your first date may turn into something more exciting.

Don’t mention her ex

You don’t know each other too well to ask about her ex-husband. Until your relationship gets more serious, this topic doesn’t concern you. As mentioned above, there are better questions to ask. Try to get to know your companion better, learn what she likes, and what she doesn’t. Learn about her preferences. She hasn’t been on a date for so long that she’d be glad to talk about herself. And it’s not the best time to discuss her previous relationships.

Don’t insist on meeting her kids right from the start

You probably wouldn’t like the idea of letting some stranger close to your own children, right? And kids are a single mom’s number one priority. No matter how much you like this woman, you shouldn’t ask for meeting her kid right on the first date. You’ll get such opportunity when the time comes. Your lady has to know if she can trust you. Just be patient.

Unlike chatting some Ukrainian or Russian girls for dating, building relationships with single moms is a tricky process. You need to be sure that you’re ready to show a lot of patience and, of course, love for kids.