5 Romantic Date Night Ideas for a Single Russian Mom

It is always great to meet a wonderful person who meets your expectations and makes you one of the happiest people in the whole world. When you fall in love, you feel not only butterflies in the stomach but also wear wings on your back. It is a stunning period that is full of romance and many pleasant moments. If you have started dating a single mom, this relationship will have certain peculiarities and rules. However, one thing remains the same you have a crush on a wonderful woman, and you should surprise her with romantic dates to keep the fire burning. What date night ideas you can bring into life to have a great time together and please your beloved girl?

night date ideas

1. Dinner on the top of a skyscraper

Romantic dinner may seem a trivial option, but it has the right to life, especially if you turn on your fantasy and arrange some non-standard date. Thus, a romantic dinner on the top of a skyscraper can become a win-win option that will allow you to surprise your significant other. You can decorate the spot with candles, bring a table and grab some food with you. Or you can arrange a picnic and just enjoy the view and each other's company. Both options can work out since a rare girl get a chance to be asked out on such a date. Just make sure that the chosen skyscraper will allow you to enjoy the panorama of a night city.

2. Dance class

If you know that your lady is fond of dancing, you can offer her to visit a dance class. You can find many different masterclasses and dance schools that will help you implement this idea. Just choose pair dances to become even closer with your woman. Tango or salsa create a special atmosphere and bring chemistry into the life of a couple. A single mom will gladly immerse herself in this passionate world to feel hot and desired.

3. Jazz concert

Many people like jazz for the wonderful atmosphere that it creates. If both of you listen to such music, then you can ask her out on a date into a place with jazz. Most cities have big spots that gather jazz music lovers, so you should just google to find such a place. Your woman will be happy to put on a special outfit and visit a place that will help her relax and pretend to be a care-free woman. Just make sure to warn her about your idea and take care of a babysitter for her kid if necessary.

4. Amusement park

One may say that moms attend such places very often, and it can be true. Nonetheless, don't confuse visiting such places when you are a mom and when you are a woman who has a date. Big girls also like to have fun and would like to take a ride on the Ferris wheel with a beloved man. Such pastime can bring many positive emotions and spend time with great pleasure. Buy cotton candy, ride a roller coaster, and laugh as much as you can.

5. Movie marathon

If you had a hard day, and none of you wants to go anywhere, you can stay at home and arrange your date right there. Just choose a couple of movies or a TV series to your liking, grab popcorn or pizza, and enjoy your date night in the comfort of your cozy nest. Sometimes it is everything we need after a hard day. By the way, the fact that you stay at home doesn't mean that you don't need a babysitter if a kid is small. This evening is just for two of you, so take care of all other nuances in advance to not be distracted by anything.